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William & Diego
Awaiting the 2nd prince - Diego

Even more interesting the 2nd time around...


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Being pregnant for the second time proves that each pregnancy is definitely an individual experience.  It has been a lot more of an up & down experience than with William. I had to take progesterone during the first few weeks and there was a point where the midwife was afraid I might have gestational diabetes - which thankfully I don't.
After being 2 days past his due date, Diego Ajani Pickens was born at 2:46am on March 28, 2003. He was 7lbs 1oz and 19" long. We had to be admitted to Memorial Hermann Northwest again since the midwife was concerned about my blood pressure. Everything turned out just fine and closing in on his 2nd month on the outside, Diego is a pretty funny kid! He has a great smile and so far usually wakes up only about every 3 hours during the night. Big brother is mostly helpful and only slightly jealous...

Why Diego?
Raj and I have been kicking around so many names for months now and Diego just seemed to keep popping up. It doesn't hurt that the famous Mexican muralist who was married to Frida Kahlo was named Diego. Diego is Spanish for "James". That's the story of Diego's name.

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