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William & Diego
While Awaiting His Royal Highness - William

Going with the flow of life...


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It was very important to Raj and I that we try to have the most natural birth experience as possible. We used a midwife and planned to have William at the birthing center. Since you can't predict the future, due to circumstances beyond our control, William was born at Memorial Northwest Hospital. BUT he was born WITHOUT DRUGS! It was an amazing experience.

The First Baby Shower

That sneaky love of mine Raj threw me a surprise baby shower in November at Oscar's Creamery (the place where we host our poetry/music events). I was surprised and it was great to see so many of my friends in the same room! Since it was a surprise, there were some people that were inadvertantly overlooked and so there will be another shower in the near future.

Thanks to Lou and Dina, Chelsea and Celeste, Tina and Jama, Cedric, Santosha, Andrea, Chrissy and Kristi Rae, Herman and Judy Pickens, Kelly, Melissa and Aaron(and Lauren), Sonya and Dave(and little Dave, Ruben, Ariana and L-Boogie), Erika and Sarah, Liz and Rachel, Ursula, Andy and Ammatist and Binx!

My Co-workers gave me a very generous gift certificate for Babies R US, so we should be able to get the rest of our necessities (can't have too many diapers!).

There will be a "Welcome William" party after his arrival, so stayed tuned!!!

How William Got His Name

Both of the first names we chose came from dreams. Raj always knew we were having a boy and that his name would be William, while I thought we were having a girl and that her name would be Zoe. The responsibility of the middle name fell in reverse. So I chose Kosey (long "o" sound) for William (meaning "lion" in Egyptian) and Raj picked Nicole for Zoe. We were going to wait until the actual birth before finding out the gender, but during the ultrasound we decided if they could tell, we wanted to know. Needless to say, William was very proud of being a boy!

I highly recommend reading everything you can get your hands on. My favorites have been The Immaculate Deception, and Active Birth.