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William & Diego
A Little Diary of Sorts - William

February 20, 2002
William was a very stubborn baby! He was 1 1/2 weeks overdue and after a bioscan done the morning of Jan 25th, we discovered that he was a big, healthy baby, but was running out of amniotic fluid. (It's normal for amniotic fluid deterioration in postdate babies.) This discovered, our midwife arranged for me to be admitted to Memorial Northwest Hospital that afternoon.
Raj and I were disappointed, but determined to doing this delivery as natural as possible. My labor kicked in on Saturday afternoon. Raj was an excellent coach and we were able to focus on laboring pretty much without interruption until the actual moments were I was ready to push.  So at 5:12pm, Raj and I welcomed William into the world kicking and literally screaming!  We were all able to go home on Sunday after William was 24 hours old. He is perfect and has been a full time job ever since.

Dec 26

Well, Christmas is over and New Year's is around the corner and I thought yesterday that I might have been starting to feel the twinges of labor...but not yet! People are teasing me about having a New Year's baby and right now, I'm all for that. I guess I'm at that tired of being pregnant/ready to see William stage. Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year's celebration...

kim, raj & william

Dec 21

Well, we're at 36 weeks and 4 days! The midwife's appt went well and William is kicking me as I type this (suggesting that he is a happy active baby).

It's winter solstice today and the holiday season is in full swing. I'm looking forward to spending some quite time with family and friends before the big day. Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday!

Peace & Blessings,

Kim, Raj & William

Dec 11

The midwife appointment last week went very well. William is poised for his entrance into the world and my health is good. Just a waiting game now...

Everyone is getting really excited and it looks to be a great holiday season! Hope to see many of you in the next few weeks as I have cut back on my "projects" and am focusing on relaxing. I'm definitely looking forward to going on maternity leave in about 2 1/2 weeks!

Love to all.

Nov 26

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Raj, William and I sure did! Got to see family and some friends, but did miss a lot of you out there. Everything's still going along nicely and my midwife has confirmed what everyone's been telling me...take it easy! Okay, point taken and I've scaled back alot (for me at least). Soon everything will be finished and ready for William's arrival. Thanks again everyone for the love!!

Nov 19

Only 2 more childbirth classes to go and Raj & I will be experts! (insert laughter here since no one's ever really ready)

We took advantage of some nice weather and went to Austin this weekend. Good times!! Probably the last road trip for a while...

Hope everyone has a good holiday and Raj & I will see some of you on Thursday. Be safe and don't forget to sign William's guest book. I'm thinking I'll put the responses in his baby book.

Much love to all.

Nov 15

Well, the ultrasound yesterday was incredible. Raj & I got to see how much William has changed since August. He is soooo beautiful! He weighs 4lbs 2oz and the doctor said he is perfect. (I second that!)

Everything's still going well other than some sleepless nights and finding comfortable seated positions. William has turned to face the correct position for birth after we had a long talk...actually, I think the labor exercises have stimulated his movement. So all that's left is a little more baking in the oven and voila! William will finally get the chance to meet all the family members who have been talking to him all this time.

Much love to all!

Nov 13

Well, I'm freaking excited! Raj & I have another ultrasound appointment scheduled for tomorrow. I can't wait to see how big William's grown since the last ultrasound in August...

Nov 8, 2001

Our 30 week appointment went well! So far, so good. No major problems with my health and William is growing like a weed. I'm measuring 32" as of today. So I guess William really did have a growth spurt last Sunday night!

It's time for the paperwork side of pregnancy. Filling out birth certificate info, birth plans, etc. It's getting down to the wire and I know I'll be really glad to finally see William's smiling face. Rae wants me to get another ultrasound at 32 weeks (the week of Thanksgiving) to verify William's current position and to check his size. Raj and I are looking forward to seeing the new ultrasound pics of the baby!

Blessings All.

Oct 25, 2001

At our appointment last week, I had to take that icky glucose test since it was 28 weeks. Fortunately my blood pressure continues to be normal and the glucose results were normal. I am little anemic and so Rae has me taking iron supplements.

Raj and I are taking Bradley childbirth classes and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in natural childbirth. They focus on relaxation techniques and having the father be the main coach throughout the process of pregnancy.


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