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There is no way to possibly thank each individual who helped make tongue a successful literary magazine. Everyone who has ever submitted, told a friend, passed their copy of an issue around, bought or stole a copy of tongue you were the reason that made putting time, money and energy into this project worthwhile.

It was always my goal to consistently bring together in one place a multicultural group of writers and artists. This has opened doors for myself and for others. I have been blessed to have a strong base of support from family and friends who keep me somewhat sane and the spirits of several guardian angels watching over me.

tongue was published from October 1998 to March 2001 and saw itís humble beginnings with poets who did open mics here in Houston. It then spread to include poets, writers and artists from across the world due the beauty of the internet. Famous and not so famous writers appeared in tongue and I appreciate everyone who trusted me with their work. Itís been a fun ride and I encourage anyone interested in publishing an underground magazine to do so!

There is no where to go but onward and upward!

Thanks to every person who steps in front of a microphone at an open reading and bares their soul, every artist and photographer who paints pictures that make us think and to those who listen to and love them.

Peace & Blessings,

kim cotton